Terms of Service

Please note that the Seasoned giveaway is not a charity raffle but a prize draw. Our online contest to win various prizes includes a method of entry via post.
No purchase is necessary to enter but the intention of the giveaway is that people enter to support the production of Seasoned podcast and benefit from additional content.

Maximum one entry per postcard
Seasoned Podcast offers an alternative means of entering into Prize Draws. The process for using this alternative means of entry is described in detail below. Just like the paid method of entering into a Prize Draw, this alternative method requires you to accept all our terms and conditions.
On a blank sheet of paper, or postcard, write or type your full, legal name, address (no post office box addresses accepted), city, post code, telephone number (optional), email address and which Month's Prize Draw you want to enter.
For example, if Seasoned was running a prize draw in March, you would write 'Seasoned Prize Giveaway - March'.
This needs to be written down in very clear writing or typeface, otherwise the entry may be deemed invalid.
Please send the sheet of paper in an envelope, or your postcard to the following address via either first or second class post to:
What's the Story Sounds
18 Hawthorne Grove,
Burley in Wharfedale,
LS29 7RF

A maximum of one entry can be made per postcard or envelope received. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be made this way. Once a postal entry has been processed it will be entered into the relevant draw.

Postal entries are treated in exactly the same way as paid entries for the purposes of determining a winner. Postal entries have an equal chance of winning as any one paid entry. If a postal entry wins a prize there will be no further purchase or payment necessary to be notified of the win or to receive the prize. If the above steps are not followed as described then a postal entry will be invalid. You will not be notified if your entry is invalid.